Grow Your Own Plants, Herbs, Vegetables and Flowers

The Garden Easi planter box is a quality growing container that provides a simple growing solution for any space and all lifestyles.
The ability to grow and have fresh produce or flowers at your doorstep is now available whether you live in a unit, have mobility issues
or just not enough time.

It is designed, manufactured and is entirely Australian owned. We are so proud of the product that we have obtained a patent and design protection.
Produced by Agronomist John Keleher


Reliability & Durability

Proven track record of exhibiting excellent impact strength and long term physical properties.


UV Protection

Maximum protection against harmful UV rays.

Food Grade Logo-1

Food Grade Material

Planter complies with AS2070 Parts 1 & 8, the Australian Standard for Food Contact.


Australian Standard For Drinking Water

Planter colours have been certified by the Australian Water Quality Centre to AS/NZS4020:2002 the Australian Standard for Drinking Water.


Heavy Metal Free

Contains absolutely no toxic heavy metals in any of the tank grade colours.

Algae Prevention Logo-1

Algae Prevention

Formulated to exclude sunlight, preventing the growth of algae.

Save Water and Recycle Nutrients

No More Bending Down

No More Mess

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