Step One:

Gather your materials ready of setting up:

  1. Garden Easi Planter/s
  2. Fly Screen or Shade Cloth
  3. Premium Potting Mix
  4. Fertilizers & Mulch
  5. Seedlings
  6. Watering Can

Tip: Potting mix as opposed dto soil mixes are best as the don’t get water logged.


Step Two:

Fill up Garden Easi Planter/s

  1. Site your planter on level ground
  2. Place screen material over holes
  3. Fill planters with potting mix

Tip: If the ground is a little uneven ensure the overflow tube is at the lowest point.

Tip: As you add the potting mix add some water crystals & slow release fertiliser in layers.

Tip: Use and organic fertilizer for best results.


Step Three:

Plant up your garden

  1. Add fertilizer & incorporate into the top
  2. Water thoroughly until you see the water level in the tube
  3. Plant seedlings & water in
  4. Mulch around seedlings

Tip: Water collects in the base of the planter so you can turn the tube into your watering can to recycle the water and nutrents.

Tip: Fertilize your plants regularly with a liquid fertilizer for best results.

Tip: Water the whole growing area and not just around your plants.

Tip: Don’t forget to harvest and replant your garden

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